What does “Freedom” means to you? Happy family, fulfilled life, financial security and all that thanks to passive income ???

Would you like to be financialy secure and free? If so, please keep on reading and I hope at the end you will take some actions which will guide you towards your personal, whatever it means for you FREEDOM. My Freedom is my hapiness. My happiness is my family and peace of mind because I know I am financially secure and can afford this and that.

Alright, let’s start then…

Call it an emergency account, your safe money or a black or rainy day fund, setting aside several months worth of living expenses is critical for your financial security. That way, when something unexpected like an accident, job loss, car breaking down, or a child having to go to the hospital pops up, you have the funds to deal with it rather than having to go into debt, especially high interest debt like a payday loan or a balance on your credit card. Additionally a little bit of extra money is great for a nice holiday, a nice present for the loved once or just simply for feeling secure and have freedom. 

I am a wife, daughter, friend, neighbour and Mama on the mission. In order to avoid all the above, I started to look for any way to secure my familiy still working from home. On these sites I would like to show you how I earn my “pocket money” and encourage you to do the same. You don’t have to  quit your vacancy for this BUT who knows…one day maybe you will want to 😉 All I do is hire my money to get more of them. No calling, no recommending If I don’t want to, no monthly “must buy otherwise…”

I am a forward thinking practice that speaks directly to the financial decision makers out there. You know who you are 😉 You are the invested ones running homes, businesses and communities while trying to enjoy every moment of the journey.

You are those who work from home, those who need some extra income or those, who need financial stability. I know who you are because I am just like you only at some point in my life I had to make a decision: Do I want to stay at home with my kids  and give them the best time they can have OR do I go back to work and feel awkward every time I have to ask my Boss to have a day of because my baby isn’t well.

I chose the first option and started to look for some projects where I can earn nice money to keep high standard of living. I tried few MLM Businesses already but it was mostly cosmetics and cleaning products. That didn’t bring me the money I wanted to have and is not that model of earning I am looking for, so I kept looking for something else. That is how I came across investment projects I want to introduce you to.

I have checked them, tested them and I earn with them. I have my teams and they do great. That is why I want to share these opportunities with you all out there, who are sitting at home and want to become financially free but don’t know how to approach this subject. Maybe it will be your chance to change your life and make it better.

I am so excited to give you the opportunity as I remember how happy I was, when it was given to me. If your “WHY” is strong enough, if your motivations is strong enough, you can explore your life with your family without any financial worries. These projects give the opportunities to buy your children everything you want, to send them to the best Schools and Universities, to be secure if SOMETHING will happen, you know you have enough money to cover all the cost. 

I will do everything so you are well prepared to make your earnings. But YOU have to understand, that in order to get something, you have to give something and that is: your time, your strong will to reach success and your money for the start. So if you are looking for some projects to earn without investing a Penny, please close this page. 

Also, it is so important that you always understand any investment before you invest with any money. You need to know exactly where your money is invested and be sure that it matches your financial goals and more importantly check your attitude towards risk. I check exactly my projects and invest only in those who are very transparent as I can not afford to lose money on some scam. Please remember that I am only giving you possibilities on how you can earn additional income without doing typical MLM. Information here have more educational purpose and show what do I practice and use and what is working for me and could work for YOU. Those informations might be helpful so your life will get better quality, but they are not a proffesional investment advices as I am not a qualified Financial Advisor. Solely yourself are responsible for your actions.

Remember, nothing here gives you guarantee of earning as risk is always and everywhere. Bear in mind if you invest, invest only that much, how much you can afford to lose without crying your eyes out. I am not responsible for your results but I can support you in achieving good once. I give you all my wisdom and experience on the projects I work with. I am here if you need advise and help on the beginning BUT I won’t do the job for you.

At the moment I cooperate with few very strong, transparent Businesses, which I describe on following pages. If you are interested get in touch with me. I will be more then happy to get to know you and your needs. You might of course also register directly and get in touch whenever you ready. I help at any time.

So, if you are nice, kind person and what you read here reaches you, lets do the business together 😉

All the best to you and your family. Alicja Heinz

Financial Stability

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