My experiance

I found out about Omega Best in January 2019. -Since then, I was watching this project from the distance and only in April decided to join with smaller amount of money just to test how it works. I invested 800€ and over few weeks I have noticed, that this project was workig pretty fine for me. Within a month, I could 4 times fill my auto with petrol. I also liked the layout of the website itself, the payments were working fine and always on time. I knew who are the guys behind the scene. I found out where do they come from and where they are heading to. -of course specially with project OMEGA. I very much liked this plan as this is VERY LONG TERM thinking and acting what they do. Great thing is constant communications with investors. There is a TELEGRAM GROUP, Facebook, website.

You won’t miss anything.

We invested more and today as of October I can say with my bigger investment, compound percentage working great!, doing my daily tasks 🙂 ( which seriously takes mabe 3 minutes ) I have a little bit more then 2000€ PER WEEK. I don’t count rewardings from building group – affiliate program which gives you as well quite a lot of money extra.

So, you can with a minimun of 10€ Active Box or max. of 100€ Active Box (times X) get your pasive income pretty easy. Invest how much you can, re invest every monday and see how your account is growing. 😉

1BB = 1€

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